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The secrets of our Luxembourg spirits?



Luxembourg and its surroundings offer a diverse land, so you can also find a wide variety of products. Its artisans cultivate and transform natural products with the greatest respect for local traditions and know-how which give the products of Luxembourg their taste and aroma.


Our regions are home to many small productions, even small artisans. It is here that we find the nuggets of quality products. The Label guarantees a set of controls to assure consumers that labeled products comply with current standards.

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Luxembourg artisans cultivate their land and work together. The distance is short and you can minimize your carbon footprint. Respect for nature, which provides us with quality products, remains at the heart of our business and must be carried by everyone.


Taste is certainly the most important factor in the process of purchasing a spirit. The continuous search for a superior quality must therefore be at the center of our concerns. A product can surprise with its unique notes, or reassuring with its curves. So let’s put at the heart of our values ​​the central element of our industry: Taste.



A new label for Luxembourgish spirits

Logo Variations-01.png

The main objective of the Label is to promote and preserve traditions and artisanal methods of regional production of alcoholic beverages, while offering consumers a guarantee and a unique and authentic experience.

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